Sunday, September 18, 2011

Making Seed Money

 Quick note before I start, on my last post, the TE owners and friends that reached out to me was so appreciated and kind.  Thank you all from my heart.  This was a hard way to learn a lesson but leaning I did. I will be careful of my ID!  And, now to today's topic, thanks to all you who are taking the time to read my little bit of the internet!  I appreciate you and remember, this is about building relationships and working together.  If you need me, all my contact information is here for you.

I always liked the phrase "seed money", you make this to allow yourself to grow, like the mighty Oak!  Coming on line new, I was awed by the flashing, shiny ads, make $1000 thousands in a day, do this and become rich tomorrow, even though I knew in my mind, "if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is not real", but, I clicked anyway.  I think it is the greed of human nature or at lest in my human nature that made me think, maybe??? Like buying a lotto ticket, going to the casino, you know the odds are against you, but just maybe???

By now, I know that to make money on line, it is just like making money off line, you need to work for it.  I do not have a rich relative nor have I won the lottery, so it is time to roll up my sleeves and apply elbow grease and do the work.

If you read my last post about being accused of cheating, then this next statement goes without saying, Do some research before starting.  Do not do like I did, just jump in and trust everything and everybody.  I have been blessed by finding several honest people who have guided me and trust me, I listen to their advice.

Earning on line without any money is time consuming, but it is done.  I use Paid To Click (PTC), sites.  You are paid for viewing ads for a prescribed amount of time.  At first, they seem to be a waste of time, you are paid on most, less than a penny, but, stay with it, work at getting people to sign up with you, and you will begin to see a profit.  You need to go in everyday, some more and be faithful.

Clixsense and InBoxDollar to the right, click and join, very good place to start.  I will add more next time.

Happy Clicking!

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